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Since 1980 our company continues lighting the way of cosmetic sector with plastic packaging products by its trusting past. The company has been manufacturing any kind of quality shampoo and cream products since 2007 in our facilities with 400 bottle and jar molds as fason. Furthermore we also do UV prints with our serigraphy and hot foil silvering printers. We manufacture cream for skin, acne cream, cream for skin blemishes, lotions, masks, hair masks and skin masks, face masks, body masks, sprays, serum, hair serum, hair care serum, shampoo, anti hair loss shampoo, herbal essence shampoo, shampoo for cats, shampoo for dogs, gel, body gel, skin care gel. We also can improve herbal essence formulas. It is our principle to create high rate of return products and make our customers be satisfied with using high quality raw materials. With our experts, we perform the very first page for all sectors needing plastic packaging as well as cosmetic sector. In our facility there are 6 Normal Blowing, 3 Pet Blowing, 10 Normal Injection, 2 Pet Injection, hot foil print, serigraph print units and machines with 50 experienced staff including our own mold workshop, expert grapher and informatics department. Registered Products Mertko Plastik Urunleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. owns the all products registrations manufacturing within the scope of the company. Without any imitation the products which we present to the customers can be marketed complacencely. Therefore we recommend you not to ignore this advantage on agreements. The products are delivered to you with guarantee with our almost 500 product range and hundreds of customer portfolio local and foreign. The delivery for the products bought in Istanbul are done by ourselves and for the companies in Anatolia and Thrace with cargo companies which they have an agreement or us.
Aspet has been placed among the leading pet jar manufacturing factories in Turkey although it was established in 2005. Over 1000 plasticware companies including edible oil filling factories, olive factories, jam factories, tomato paste factories, pickle factories, honey factories in all regions of Turkey from east to west and from north to south; prefer our company 'ASPET' which has an integrated plant which can be manufactured jars, bottles, lids and caps from raw materials. In addition to this company give services for turnip juice producers, pomegranate juice producers, lemon sauce producers, concentrated fruit juice producers.
SERDAR PLASTIC produces plastic blow-molding packages for the firms who are the pioneers in their own market. Our company serves in accordance with the special desing and production requirements of the costumers in addition to its standart product range that are produced with polyethlene from 50 milliliters to 30 liters and from 50 ml to 5 liters as Coex Our aim is to produce by using the highest technology available. We consider this as a necessity to produce quality products. We always know that the products in the packages that we produce being submitted to the market by our costumers are our own products at the same time. Therefore, we work with the sense that makes up the principle of accepting of custumers as our business partners and submitting them solutions on every type of subject beyond submitting them products.
Our company, which operates in plastic and packaging sector, was established as a family business by Karadeniz brothers in 2012. As a limited company since 2013, it has accelerated its activities and investments. As of 2013, it has been moved to a new production facility with 6500 m2 open area and 3800 m2 closed area in Arsin Organize Sanayi Bolgesi. As a result of the large investments in 2014, the capacity is reduced from 30 tons to 60 tons per month. Ribek Plastik is continuing its way by increasing its sustainable quality services that it has presented to its suppliers with its expert staff.
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SINCE 1988 Our company started its production with 2 small machines of Ali Ozturk in 1988. Since the day of the foundation, it has reached to the utmost levels on the plastic inflating sector at their intentions towards the development without compromising from the quality and hygienic standards. Our company which was in the service of the cologne and cosmetics sector till 1998 invested on “Coex” and “Pet”, whose production is too little in our country by preparing its substructure at the advanced technology level under the light of total quality phylosophy. “Coex”, which is the peak point of the plastic blowing sector, is consisted of three layers and provides the liquid to have a sanitary and long shelf life thanks to polyamide used in the lowest layer. Due to having an oxygen penetration which is reduced to minimum, the product has been the must of the agricultural pesticide. Besides the “coex” bottles from 50 cc to 30 lt, their lids are also produced in our factory thanks to the plastic enjection machinery group. We are in the service with our works oriented towards the future on plastic packing of the medicine and cosmetics on which our industry is very cautious; more than 400 types of our products; the reliability of our customes to us and our over 20-year sector experience. We are just beside our customers with our modern management intelligence of our time, our powerful and quality equipment and our personnel who are the specialist in their fields. Our objective is to offer the most quality and economical products parallel to the developing technology in the Turkish plastic sector with the team spirit aiming the constant development and success.
Our Company INNOCAP PLASTIC is the manufacturer and exporter of HDPE Bottles, jerry cans and vented screw caps and providing custom moulding services. We are one of the leading companies providing solutions in the agricultural&chemical sector in Turkey. "We have already experience in export business, particularly in European, Asian, Middle East market
The workplace, established by I. Halil Solmazer in 1957 and engaged in the business of glassware, Sisecam and market products business, was later on participated by Asim SOLMAZ. Production of glass wa